Realtors help to feed Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A group of Wilmington realtors took time to make a difference in the community, today, by donating food to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.

The Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors collected money and food during a year-long campaign called “Feed ILM.” The association donated $5,500 of purchased foods and two new freezers to the pantry.

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Association president Sherri Pickard said food is always needed in the community, which is why they started a campaign to collect it. The organization’s more than 2,000 members assisted with donations.

“It’s this time a year when you’re thinking about people and the needs and you want to make sure that you’re contributing, to the extent that you’re able to help everyone have a blessed holiday season,” said Pickard.

This is WRAR’s first year doing to donation campaign, but Pickard said they plan to continue it for next year.