Students learn about weather through WeatherBug


ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) — Students at Bladen Lakes Primary School are learning about weather.

The students are not only using books to study from, but also technology from WeatherBug.

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“We are learning about different types of weather like tornadoes, thunderstorms and blizzards,” 2nd grader Taylor Wheeless said.

The school has a weather station on its roof.

“You can read how hot or cold it is, if it’s ever going to rain, how many inches of rain you’ll get, and temperatures,” Taylor said.

Teachers agree that having this tool makes it easier to learn.

“It let’s them make a connection in between what they learn at school, what they experience here, what they see at home on TV and their real life,” 2nd grade teacher Lisa Park said.

Second grade teacher Juli Feight said, “It makes the connection between self and the world.”

The information they use in the classroom is the same data that WWAY’s StormTrack 3 meteorologists use, too, as part of the WeatherBug network. The real-time data collected from their weather station is a part of our daily newscasts. Their weather camera and information is incorporated into graphics in our weather segments.

Although staff will only spend two weeks teaching about meteorology, the school is adding a daily weather report given by students. This is a year-round opportunity for kids who love weather.

“When you tell the weather, it’s like you actually have a job, but you’re a kid,” student Sabreil Dupaul said.

Taylor says she’s really excited.

“Meteorologists give lots of information, and that’s what I want to do when I grow up,” she said.

Principal Priscilla Brayboy says this is the first year the school has incorporated the WeatherBug station in the classroom. She hopes all of the grades will get involved with the program.