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Santa Claus helps woman locked out of her car at the Sneads Ferry Food Lion. (Photo: Hannah Patrick/ WWAY)

SNEADS FERRY, NC (WWAY) — Santa Claus is getting lots of attention for something he did at the Food Lion on Old Folkstone Road.

A morning of running errands for Dora Casarin turned into the nightmare we have all experienced one time or another.

“I locked myself out of the car,” Casarin said.

Then, as it usually does, things got worse.

“I look in my purse and I don’t have my cell phone,” Casarin said.

She went inside the Food Lion to use the manager’s phone. Then, she ran into her next problem.

“Without a cell phone, the only number I know is my home number,” Casarin said.

As the panic started to set in, Casarin said she noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

“This guy kept looking at me,” Casarin said.

She said she had never met him, but she knew his name.

“He had this white beard and this white hair,” Casarin said. “He looked like Santa Claus. It was weird, because I had this feeling.”

As she continued to worry about her situation, the man approached her.

“He said, ‘Is there anything I can help you with?’ I was like, ‘Oh my God. Is this Santa Claus?'”

Then, she told him what happened.

“Seriously, without hesitation he went into his pockets.”

Santa pulled out the keys to his car.

“Go get your spare key and come right back,” Santa told her.

Casarin said she never expected that.

“I mean would anybody do this for someone else?” Casarin asked. “Would I do this for someone else?”

Santa would.

“A car’s a car,” Santa said. “People’s lives matter.”

Santa said it was not that big of a deal, but Casarin said it was big enough to change her day.

“As I was walking out, I turned around and he was like, ‘Hey! Merry Christmas!’ I turned around and I just started crying.”

It was a simple gesture this time of year that brought her some Christmas cheer.

Casarin said, on her way back to Food Lion, she filled up Santa’s car with gas and gave him $20.

Santa said he did not want to accept the money, but because she insisted, he decided to donate the money to the local food bank.


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