Wilmington man launches new selfie app


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The art of taking a selfie takes some practice. But a Wilmington man has invented an app that is helping get it right the first time.

Derek Wragge is letting people in on his selfie secrets with a new app he created called #Selfie with the slogan Strike a Pose. Wragge said he started working on the selfie picture app two years ago and this week it was launched.

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“It takes out the awkardness by telling you how to pose,” said Wragge.

Click here to go directly to this app. 

You can pick from different hashtags that can help you choose your facial expression and pose, or you can make your own hashtags.

“A lot of times people want to take a selfie and you’re in a group setting, and you’re like what exactly do I do,” said Wragge.

You can share selfies on other social media platforms, or save it for yourself. You can also rate other selfies and see what’s trending on the app.

Wragge said a trip to San Francisco with friends inspired him to create selfie-strike a pose.

“That’s actually when I came up with it when I actually trying to figure out how to pose,” said Wragge.

Wragge said he just hopes the app will make every selfie opportunity a good one.

“I just want people to loosen up with their friends and have a good time and that’s what it’s all about,” said Wragge.

You can improve your selfies right now for free. Just go to the App Store and search “Selfie Strike,” and it’ll come up, download it and get ready to be amazed. Better yet, click on the link directly below.

Click here to go directly to this app.