Local teacher gives sick pup a new life for New Year’s


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We first introduced you to Kathryn Bryant a few weeks ago when she was our teacher of the week.

Now she is spreading her generosity outside the classroom, and giving a dog named Sydney a second chance.

Two days before Christmas, Sydney was found on a doorstep.

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“One of my friends called and sent me a text of this poor little girl on her backdoor step,” said Bryant. “She was really not able to move, she kind of apparent injured, very very emaciated. Also, you could tell by the scars on her face and things that she had been a little bit abused.”

She said because of that, there are a list of things that needs to be done to nurture Sydney back to health.

“She needs to be spayed. She has a mass on her stomach that needs to come off. Some of her teeth need to be extracted because they are such in poor condition,” Bryant said.

“The amount of the first medical bill was huge just because she had, and still has, so many needs,” said Bryant.

Bryant has created a gofundme page to raised money to help with expenses for Sydney. Her goal is 1,500 dollars.

“If it goes above and beyond that, we will donate whatever extra funds to other animals like Sydney,” Bryant said.

Bryant has other rescued dogs at home too. She says they all get along with Sydney.

“They can’t talk. They can’t tell us what’s going on,” said Bryant. “We can look at her injuries and insinuate that it was was not great, but everyone to just turn the other way, what kind of world does that make?”

Bryant said now that Sydney is in her home, she is slowing getting better.

“She’s a very very sweet dog, very loving,” said Bryant. “One that definitely deserves a second chance especially from what she has been through seriously neglect and abuse, but she has still persevered and she incredibly sweet.”

She said she is hoping to give this four legged friend a new life for this upcoming new year.

Bryant adds that she will be fostering Sydney until she is healthy again and would like to give her the right home.