Student’s poem predicts Panthers Super Bowl win


CLARKTON, NC (WWAY) — Watching the Carolina Panthers cap their season by hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy would be poetic for a lot of fans. It already is for a student in Bladen County.

Heather Guyton Thompson, an English/Language Arts teacher at Clarkton School of Discovery in Bladen County, shared with us the recent work of one of her students. Thompson says before Christmas, she asked her 6th graders to rewrite the classic poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” any way they liked, as long as it fit the same style, meter, rhythm, and rhyme.

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Among her students is Panthers die-hard Donnie Ezzell, who rewrote the verses to capture not dreams of sugar plums, but of a championship for his favorite team. Check it out:

Twas the Night of the Super Bowl
By Donnie Ezzell

Twas the night of the Super Bowl
And football fans asked, “Where is Tony Romo?”
The uniforms were hung by the lockers with care
In hopes, the Carolina Panthers would win there.

The fans were ready to see their team
Come on Panthers, Let’s achieve our dream!
Fans lined the stadium, making noise
And little Panther fans played with their toys.

Players entered the locker room and put on uniforms
Coach Rivera told the players it was time to perform
They bowed their heads and prayed so hard
Each player knew they needed every yard

As the players ran out and charged  the field
They huddled up to form a shield
The opponents won the toss and kicked off first
And The Panthers defense ran through with a burst

With a quarterback so lively and quick
Cam Newton was certainly a number one pick
More rapid than rushes, their plays they came
As Cam called the players out by name

Now Kuechly! Now Thompson! Now Olsen and Stewart!
On Whitacker! On Benjamen! (sic) On Davis and Tolbert!
To the top of the scoreboard, win the fame of the fall,
Score Panthers, Score them all!

Halftime came around, as time was flying by,

Then Gano kicked a field goal as high as the sky
So up to the first down, the rushers they flew
With a line full of blocks, and Kuechly too.

And then in a hit, Norman saw on the ground
The football was loose and bouncing around
The ball was knocked  by a hard hit
But there was no time for the Panthers to quit.

Carolina was dressed in their silver and blue,
Covered with turf, to show what they’d been through
The players ran from left to right

Oh how they blocked till no one was in sight

Cam passed the ball to Brown near the end zone
As our hearts beat with an ever ending tone
His legs moved quickly to the sound of cheering
And now that is all he is hearing

The victory is near; fans can feel it now
As they all jump up and give Cam and Brown a bow
With only sixty seconds left on the clock
Cam leaps over them losing their block

Rivera looks proud as we know he should
It’s another Panther touchdown, and the extra point is good
With a wink of his eye and nod of his head
A Carolina victory was all we read

Rivera didn’t speak a word; the players knew what to do
Time for one last kick and away the ball flew
Down to the 10-yard line, their receiver caught it high
But he couldn’t get past, cause of the tears in his eye

The Super Bowl was over; the Panthers had won
After all their hard work, it was time to have fun.
Rivera talked to the reporters as the fans cheered with all their might
And  Newton screamed out “I am going to Disney! Have a good night!”