Courthouse mold concern ‘no longer exists’


COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — In a recent air quality test of a new Columbus County courtroom facility, officials said results are much better than previous tests.

According to the report by Quality Environmental, LLC to Columbus County Maintenance Interim Director Anthony Jolly, the new annex building located at 113 Courthouse Square in Whiteville showed normal or below normal levels of carbon dioxide, moisture, fungal samples and overall temperatures.

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“Based on the above information, we strongly believe that the environmental conditions during the previous study on August 27, 2015 no longer exists and it is safe for the employees and public to enter the building without personal protective equipment,” the report stated.

Ongoing concerns of air quality lead to district court judges expressing concerns to county leaders. One judge also said he would not hold hearings in the building, until the issues were fixed. The building opened last year.