Brunswick Co. students voice dress code concerns to school board


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Some Brunswick County students are voicing their opinions about dress codes.

Superintendent Les Tubb presented their ideas to the board of education at a meeting today.

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“They don’t want to see the shoulders,” Tubb said. “They don’t want to see the chest and they don’t want to see the butts.”

Tubb said a group of students came to the board of education last week prepared and opinionated to talk about the dress code.

“They want school to happen in the appropriate way and they believe in the purpose of school,” Tubb said. “I mean that’s what they started with.”

Board member Catherine Cooke said she was hesitant to hear from them at first.

“Honestly, I was like this really is not a place for the kids to have a say as far as what they wear to school, because I don’t think I ever remember getting a chance to say what I wanted to wear to school,” Cooke said.

As Tubb read off the students’ list, her opinion changed.

From tank tops, to skirt length, to hats, Tubb said the students agreed with most of the adults on the rules except for two.

“They were very quick to let us know that the consequences for non-compliance with the dress code should not involve the loss of instructional time,” Tubb said.

The students also want the dress code for prom changed, because it is the same as the school dress code right now.

“They would like to see our adults and our administration take on the responsibility of enforcing it.”

Cooke said she is looking forward to seeing what comes from this.

“They came together and evidently they all had strong opinions which are good,” Cooke said.

They are strong opinions from within the student body that could lead to change for the student body.

The board members decided they want to hear another presentation from the students and the superintendent at the next regular meeting before they discuss changes.