Proposed rule could eliminate some coastal building permits


SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — The Coastal Resource Commission is proposing a new rule that could save Surf City homeowners some time and money.

A public hearing was held at town hall today to discuss it.

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If you build a house on North Carolina’s coast, there are certain rules you have to follow from the Coastal Area Management Act.

“Setbacks apply and building standards apply,” Mike Lopazanski with the NC Division of Coastal Management said.

The set back distance keeps you a certain distance from the shoreline. Depending on how close you are, sometimes you have to get a CAMA permit.

When builder and realtor Hiram Williams found out there was a proposed new rule, he had some concerns.

“I was afraid that our setback areas were going to change,” Williams said.

Lopazanski said this new rule would actually eliminate some of the area CAMA regulates in Pender County.

“It’s going to remove about 500 properties from permitting jurisdictions,” Lopazanski said.

He said the setback distance is not changing at all, but because of a new recession line, some properties would not have to request a permit from CAMA to build.

“That is a positive thing,” Williams said. “It will be a time saver for the customers as well as the local officials.”

It will also be a cost saver, because CAMA permits cost anywhere from $100 to $400.

“It’s part of our efforts to you know remove burdensome regulations or unnecessary regulations,” Lopazanski said.

Lopazanski said it is all a part of some bigger changes from CAMA.

“We are making sure our permitting jurisdictions reflect these other changes that have gone on in the 40 years since the coast program started,” Lopazanski said.

Lopazanski said some of the regulations will also decrease in Brunswick county, but they will increase in the northern part of the state in Dare County.

There are 6 more public hearings before a decision will be made.