Town leaders talk rate increases to fund capital improvements


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach town leaders met today to talk about revenue bonds that will impact what folks will pay for several water based utilities.

Council was presented with options to consider when making a decision on what will best work for folks on the island. They were in agreement that an increase is necessary. That increase to fees would help pay for about $58 million in infrastructure improvements on the island.

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“Over the last couple years council has adopted a policy of trying to implement repair and replace of water, sewer, storm water and streets all in one fell swoop in an area. So we have a five phase plan, we’re in the second phase of that which is phase B,” said town manager Michael Cramer.

Cramer said what happens with these projects is the town will go into an area and replace all the utilities. He said most of the areas being worked on right now are around 75 years old, and in need of maintenance to keep water quality high. Cramer said they are also hoping to build on what is already in place to better be ready for the needs of the future.

No decisions have been made yet and council said they will hold several public meetings to discuss impacts of rate increases with residents. Prices could go up at the start of the new fiscal year, in the June to July time frame.