Biggest concert venue in Wilmington to open in March


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The biggest concert venue in Wilmington is almost complete on the Cape Fear River.

The bandshell for Pier 33 was placed at the Port City Marina today. Wilmington Resident Shaun Johnson said it is something the area could use.

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“One of my concerns moving to Wilmington was the music scene,” Johnson said. “I was somewhat surprised. There is a decent local music scene.”

That could soon change once Pier 33 is complete.

“We wanted to build something that was going to be really cool,” developer Chuck Schoninger said.

First, he built the the marina. Two restaurants are also in the works next to the concert venue.

“So people can go in and out of the restaurants or eat or get a drink,” Schoninger said.

He said you can also enjoy the concert from your boat.

“We’ll have yachts around the marina, so you can enjoy the concert from your yacht,” Schoninger said.

He said they hope to draw people to Wilmington from all over the state.

“We want to bring people from Myrtle Beach, from Jacksonville, from Raleigh and Charlotte,” Schoninger said.

Schoninger said they also hope to draw in some big names in the music industry starting with their first concert on Saint Patrick’s Day.

“Really big names,” Schoninger said. “Names that people wouldn’t expect to see come to Wilmington.”

Johnson said it could be big for Wilmington.

“It could do a lot for the downtown area,” Johnson said.

The restaurants are expected to be complete in July.