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Piper watching WWAY (Photo: John and Liz Schoonmaker)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — WWAY has viewers of all ages and species.

This week, John and Liz Schoonmaker sent a fan video of their daughter, Piper, watching the WWAY newscast.


The video shows the infant walking over toward the television just as the 5:00 show is starting. It looks like she cannot take her eyes off the screen.

“My husband and I have noticed that Piper loves and stops everything to catch the news,” Schoonmaker said. “We say she has a news crush!”

A couple of days later, the newsroom got another picture of a faithful viewer. This one walks on four legs.


The picture shows a dog, Colin, who also cannot take its eyes off the WWAY newscast. It makes sense though, because he was on the news!

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