3rd graders cook up healthy snack on UNCW food truck



WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) Several elementary school students spent the day participating in an exciting hands on, bellies-full type of experience.

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They learned about nutrition and healthy eating habits in an interesting way.

3rd grade students at Forest Hills Elementary School had a chance to tour the UNCW food truck and whip up a healthy snack of sweet potato pancakes and beet whipped cream.

Most parents can agree that it’s not always easy to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies.

With the help from FoodCorps North Carolina, Feast Down East, and UNCW, the school is hoping to the change their minds and their taste buds to enjoy an more nutritious alternative.

The sweet potatoes used actually came straight from the school’s garden.

“These kids got to grow the food, they got to help mash it, peel it, and they get to stir it in and flip it into a pancake,” Jordyn Appel, FoodCorps NC.

Most kids enjoyed the snack while others did not as much.

One student said, “It was really good when you put the honey and then the whipped cream on top.”

“I like the sweet potato pancakes, but the whipped cream not so much,” another 3rd grader.

School leaders say they hope that educating and engaging kids in nutrition education at a young age will help them and their families.

“A lot of our kids like I said don’t know where food comes from, they don’t know how to prepare it so by teaching them at this young of an age it’s something they will be able to take with them back home and expose their families to it so they can live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle,” Appel said.

The food truck will be visiting Winter Park Elementary School Thursday and Wrightsboro Elementary on Friday.