CUE Center holds annual convention


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The 12th annual CUE Center for Missing Persons National Conference brought folks from all around the country together here in Wilmington to share their stories and offer support.

“You’ve always got to have that hope. You can’t never quit,” said CUE Center vice president Jonathan Huggins. “Maybe somebody knows something that could be here. Or they can spread the word out through different areas, different states, different countries or whatever.”

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Anyone can be a volunteer and you can sign up online.

“Regardless whether you can search or not because there’s plenty more to do other than search,” Huggins said.

For Harriet Rivers, who spoke at the conference, working with the CUE Center has kept her hope of finding her missing daughter Ebonee Spears alive.

“Normally I’m not a public speaking person. I don’t speak. But like I said this is for the cause of Ebonee. Helping find her and helping other missing people we have to step out of our box and do what we feel like we need to do, what we must do,” said Rivers.

Rivers said she will not stop searching until they find her daughter.