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Bobbie-Jean Benson, Anthony Schambers and Juli-Ana Benson speak with WWAY. Photo By: Alexa Block/WWAY

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — One New Hanover County couple’s journey to their wedding day hit a big snag Friday night when two cars were stolen from their driveway in front of their home near Murrayville Road.

Bobbie-Jean Benson and her soon-to-be husband Anthony Schambers said Saturday morning they discovered two cars missing from their driveway. Benson said her mother’s Hyundai and her 2004 Volvo were taken.

“My mom woke me up to our two cars being stolen,” said Benson. “It’s an awful feeling when you walk out your front door and your two cars are missing.”

Benson said they got her mother’s car but not hers. She said that bad feeling she has is even worse knowing what she left in the car, their marriage license, family pictures and her two daughters’ flower girl dresses.

“We had their flower girl dresses in there and you know they meant a lot to us. We spent a lot of time picking those out, and getting those ordered,” said Benson. “When you steal from another person it really just affects them in a way that you can’t imagine, because I could never imagine it, until it happened to me, and there are very important things in that car, that mean a lot to us.”

Benson and her family are making the best of the situation. And she is encouraging people to be mindful of where they leave their belongings.

The wedding will go on despite the setback. It’s Saturday in Topsail.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.


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  • Shamma Lammadingdong

    “…her mother’s Hyundai and her 2004 Volvo were taken.” “Benson said they got her mother’s car but not hers.” So which is it? A description of the cars and tags might help members of the public help them.

  • guest45

    even a thief with no honor would return your things, hope they do, that is a bummer, the harder you work to get ahead the more people want to steal from you, bad cycle. the bright side is yaw still have each other, happy wedding.

  • Dang! What a shame! I hope you get your things back and hope even more that you have a great wedding day! I despise a thief and hope they are caught quickly!

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