Humpday Health: Hydration is key


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Dr. Harrison Frank at the Frank Institute said if you’re prepping for any running event hydration is the key.

“The best way to tell whether or not you’re hydrated is by your urine color,” said Frank. “So the night before your race your urine should be clear.”

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So how much water is the right amount for you?

“Everyone points to that eight glasses of water a day,” said Frank but that may not be true according to new research. “You need to have a half an ounce to an ounce of water for every pound of body weight. So if someone like myself who’s 240 pounds, I’m anywhere from 120 to 240 ounces of water.”

That may seem like a lot for anyone busy with a job, family, or just life in general. But don’t worry, Dr. Frank said it can be easy to stay on track.

“I have two small children and a very busy medical practice, so the way I do it is I get a couple of bottles of water, whether it’s the big 24 or 48 ounce bottles or even a gallon jug of water and you just have that at your desk and you just drink that over the course of the day,” Frank said.

For the night before a run, getting a good nights sleep and prepping with carbs can also improve your performance. But don’t get crazy.

“If you’re not a big pasta eater don’t eat a huge bowl of pasta. If your diet is mostly rice and breads and things like that then you can carb load that way,” Frank said.

Always remember aftercare and staying hydrated after you finish your run.

“Use an active cool down and some gentle stretching is all that you need,” Frank said.