Porters Neck homeowners concerned about newly proposed housing


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —¬†Homeowners in Porters Neck are voicing their concerns about a proposed housing development.

Developers held two meetings Thursday to hear from residents on their proposal. Both meetings were full with standing room only and residents did not hold anything back.

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“The traffic, whether it’s 100 houses, 150 houses or 300 houses, is going to get worse,” Resident Eric Johann said.

Traffic is just one concern all of the homeowners have with the proposed housing development.

“The water, the sewer, and the school is going to be impacted,” another resident announced during the meeting.

Steven’s Fine Homes Owner Craig Stevens said he has two proposals for the land behind the new Porter’s Neck Elementary School.

“We’ve got it set at about 150 homes.”

First proposal
First proposal

That proposal would already be approved for the current zoning in this area.


The second proposal would involve getting a new zoning permit.

“Where it’s more inclusive for the community,” Stevens said. “Where we incorporate more paths and trails.”

That zoning would also include developing about 300 housing units. That is something Eric Johann is concerned about.

“With the increased volume of traffic, that means that we are going to have increased asphalt, increased volume of grass, which grass doesn’t grow in sand,” Johann said.

The proposal was disapproved by almost the whole room with a show of hands.

Johann says he is not opposed to development.

“I’m glad that they did this, because we were fairly malicious to them,” Johann said.

He just hopes they all get their say in what is best for their community.

“I would really like for them to take into account everything we have to say into account and at least give us the benefit of the doubt that we’re all in it for the same things, because most of those guys live right there next to us as well,” Johann said.

The developers said they have not yet decided whether they will put the new zoning permit application in front of New Hanover County commissioners.

Either way, they plan on developing this land. Whether it will be with 150 or 300 housing units is still up in the air.