Exhibition addresses subway etiquette in major cities


NEW YORK (AP) – Commuters inflict and endure all sorts of bad behavior on crowded trains and platforms, from spitting, littering and eating to blocking the door and talking on a cellphone.

Subway etiquette is the subject of a new exhibition in New York City featuring recent and vintage campaign courtesy posters from metro systems around the world, from New York to Tokyo.

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“Transit Etiquette or: How I Learned to Stop Spitting and Step Aside in 25 Languages” is on view at the New York Transit Museum’s gallery annex in Grand Central Terminal.

It gives special space to posters from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s created by artist Amelia Opdyke Jones for a New York City posters series that promoted courtesy on public transportation.

The exhibition runs through July 10.

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