Teacher of the Week: Christy Cox


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —┬áChristy Cox is this week’s Teacher of the Week.

Cox has spent 16 years showing her students how to love learning. Cox teaches fourth grade math at Town Creek Elementary in Brunswick County.

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“They crack me up on a daily basis and they also inspire me,” Cox said.

She said her aunt first inspired her to become a teacher.

“My aunt was a teacher, so I kind of grew up going to class with her,” Cox said.

She said growing up, teachers fascinated her.

“I thought they had such an interesting job you know teaching people and shaping young minds,” Cox said. “It was always very exciting to me and I always looked up to them.”

She also said she has always loved being around kids.

“It’s a fun job,” Cox said. “I try to be firm, but fun. That’s kind of always been my mantra. I try to make things as exciting as possible, but be consistent and have high expectations of my students.”

She hopes she leaves them a lasting impression.

“A love for learning and the persistence for never giving up,” Cox said.

For that, we wanted to leave something with her. WWAY presented Cox with a check for $300 on behalf of our sponsors, Parkway Subaru, and McDonald’s.

“Thank you,” Cox said.

Cox said her first priority with the money is to get her students more dry erase markers, because they use them often!

If you know someone deserving of teacher of the week, let us know.