Leland’s ‘Walmart gator’ moved after traffic, food troubles


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Many folks in Brunswick County have either seen or heard about the large alligator that called an area in front of a Walmart home.

Today, however, the reptile has a new home at the Holly Shelter Game Land. According to Jimmy English, one of the wranglers, they were called to the area off of Highway 17 in Leland yesterday around 6 p.m. to move the gator. English, along with his son, then transported it to Pender County.

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English said they decided to move the alligator because of the traffic jams he caused. English also said people started to feed the gator about a year ago, so they were concerned about that as well.

English estimated the animal to be about 600 pounds and 11-feet long.

Ray Walter shot video of the incident as it unfolded. He tells WWAY the men used marshmallows to help bring in the gator.

It is illegal to feed alligators. There’s typically a fine associated with the offense.