UPDATE: Two hurt after military vehicle overturns

Crews work on an truck that overturned on the ramp from I-140 to US 74/76 west of Leland on April 27, 2016. (Photo: Allyson Lorick/WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An overturned tractor trailer has forced the closure of I-140 in Brunswick County. Two soldiers were also transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center due to the crash.

Brunswick County Dispatch says the truck overturned on the north end of 140 near US 74/76 west of Leland earlier this morning. A Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman says the truck was exiting to 74/76 when it rolled over.

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According to Col. Chris Hart, a commander with Sunny Point Military Terminal, the vehicle was part of a roughly 34-vehicle convoy that left Sunny Point around 7 a.m. The convoy was en route to an Army depot in Oklahoma with soldiers from Army National Guard, Hart said. The convoy, which was part of a training exercise, was mostly filled with empty shipping containers, but Hart said the truck that overturned was also carrying a container of small arms with ammunition to use with an M16 or M4.

Hart said the driver and passenger were both injured in the crash. The driver was airlifted to NHRMC, while the passenger was transported via EMS. He said the men were with the Nebraska National Guard, and they were conscious at the time of transport.

Col. Hart said the rest of the convoy will continue heading to OK. He also said the containers in the overturned rig will be taken back to Sunny Point for inspection.