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Bryon Vassey and Keith Vidal

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After a day of recess, witnesses are taking the stand again in day of 8 of the trial for a former Southport officer accused of the January 5, 2014, murder of 18-year-old Keith Vidal.

Thursday morning, the defense brought their next witness to the stand. Bryan Chiles with Taser International took the stand to testify after analyzing the taser used on Vidal on January 5, 2014.

Chiles said he has testified in seven trials about tasers. When he received this taser for analysis, he said the taser had not been downloaded in two years. He said usually, after a taser is used for force, law enforcement will download the taser’s activity. Chiles said it was unusual that the taser had not been download for two years after that incident before he received it.

Chiles said during his report, he determined the taser was functioning properly. The defense played a recording from the incident with Vidal for Chiles to identify when he could hear the taser. Chiles said he could hear the low volume noise of the taser a few times. He did indicate one moment when he could hear the high volume noise a taser makes when it is activated.

According to the SBI report, Chiles said Vidal’s body did go into lock up, but his body never went into a full body lock up from a taser.

Chiles said according to the log, the taser was triggered six times during the incident with Vidal. According to the autopsy, there was one taser probe that went into Vidal’s cheek, but Chiles said he cannot confirm if the other probe penetrated any part of the Vidal’s skin. Chiles said the probe could have been on his clothes or close enough to generate one body lock up, but he would not have gotten full body lock. He is not sure if there was a full circuit created that night in order for the taser to be fully generated into Vidal’s body.

The trial recessed after this testimony for legal matters. Trial will continue Friday.


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