Beau’s viral promposal turns into unforgettable prom night


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A prom night out of a dream became a reality for two Beau’s Coffee Shop employees after their promposal went viral.

It will only take a second for you to notice Trevor’s confidence, humor, and kind heart. That is why Lillie said Trevor would be the perfect prom date.

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“We always have fun together and I know he’s a really good dancer, so I thought we’d have a lot of fun at prom.”

What Lillie did not know was that her promposal would instantly go viral inspiring Wilmington businesses to help.

“It felt kind of random like all I did was ask him to prom and we got all this pampering,” Lillie said.

Design a Dream Events Owner Jana Ingraham wanted it to be the prom of their dreams.

“Every place we went was a fun little adventure,” Ingraham said.

Every place they went, you could also find Trevor doing what he does best.

“Dance,’ Trevor said.

It was a day filled with extravagance from lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings to pampering in Ida Lou Weddings Mobile Suite, pictures at Airlie Gardens, a tux fitting at Camille’s and a chauffeur for the day. You cannot forget all the dancing that took place.

“I’m a huge fan of Justin Bieber,” Trevor said.

When we asked Trevor about his favorite part of the night, you could probably guess his answer.

“My best part was the dance!” Trevor said.

Lillie’s was not much different.

“Whenever they did the slow dance,” Lillie said. “I remember him just smiling at me and just really enjoying it.”

It was a night they will never forget.

I love it,” Trevor said.

What’s the key to a perfect prom night? Lillie said it could be picking the perfect date.

“Don’t be afraid to ask somebody different to prom,” Lillie said. “You may have an awesome time.”

Ingraham said the whole day was documented by a photographer and videographer. She said they hope to have the full video this weekend.