Young Detroit man released from prison


DETROIT (AP) – After eight years, a young Detroit man who entered prison as a 15-year-old is free. It comes a day after a judge threw out his convictions in four execution-style slayings.

Davontae Sanford didn’t speak to a crowd of reporters Wednesday as he walked out of prison in western Michigan with a brother and lawyer Valerie Newman. His brother carried his belongings in a plastic sack.

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Judge Brian Sullivan dismissed Sanford’s four guilty pleas to second-degree murder at the request of prosecutors. A state police investigation found problems with how Detroit police obtained an alleged confession. Separately, a hit man in prison for eight killings says he committed the so-called Runyon Street murders in 2007.

Sanford, who is blind in one eye, was 14 when the killings occurred and 15 when he pleaded guilty.

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