ONLY ON 3: N. Topsail Beach using app, ambassador program to address litter


ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — North Topsail Beach town leaders are raising awareness about litter on the beach using a smart phone app and a new beach ambassador program.

From plastic bags to cans, to cigarettes, Jace Katsnos said he keeps seeing more.

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“This year it’s gotten pretty bad,” Katsnos said.

He said he is not the only one who has noticed.

“I see a lot of locals and they’ve been talking a lot about it,” Katsnos said.

North Topsail Beach has 80 trash cans up and down the beach along with signs.

“North Topsail Beach has tried to do everything they can to get their signage out there and the pales on the beach,” Assistant Town Manager Carin Faulkner said.

Faulkner said they are doing even more than that including using the Marine Debris Initiative app.

“That app it actually allows you to track what you find on the beach,” Faulkner said.

You log the type of trash you find and where you find it and then, pick it up.

“It kind of gives the people that are researching the litter issues, marine debris some data to go by to see where there might be some issues,” Faulkner said.

Several people have used the tracker in north topsail beach and surf city. but the amount of litter here hardly compares to other states. That is not all the town is doing.

“We have discussed doing a beach ambassador program,” Faulkner said.

Faulkner said they will model it off of oak island’s program.. to get people to patrol the beach to raise awareness.

“To get the word out there about our ordinances, the litter, cigarette butts, dogs on leashes, picking up waste from pets,” Faulkner said.

Ordinances that aim to keep the beach clean.. the visitors happy.. and the marine life safe.

Faulker said town leaders decided to move forward with the beach ambassador program at a meeting this morning. She said they are also discussing using ATVs for the program, because they have so much beach to patrol.

Click here to learn to see the litter tracking by the Marine Debris Initiative.