Chasity Melvin reflects on the passing of basketball legend Pat Summitt


CHICAGO, IL (WWAY) — Pat Summitt, winner of 8 national titles at Tennessee, died at the age of 64 on Tuesday morning after a five year battle with early onset dementia. Former WWAY Full Court Press co-host Chasity Melvin knew the legendary coach. Melvin had a stellar career at NC State. She’s a Wolfpack Hall of Famer and the Sampson County native is feeling the sting of a personal loss with Pat Summitt’s death. “It left me with a feeling of sadness this morning,” Melvin told WWAY on Tuesday. “She was a leader. She was a pioneer. She was an inspiration and a fierce competitor and an icon in women’s basketball. She is gone from us today her legacy will continue to live forever. It will never be forgotten.”

Chasity Melvin had a stellar WNBA career and remembers well a personal encounter with Pat Summitt. “My personal memory, my encounter that I had with coach Pat Summitt was during my time with the Washington Mystics when she was a consultant with the team.” As it turns out, it was not Melvin’s best day on the court. “She was sitting on the sidelines and I was actually nervous, this was the first time coach Pat Summitt would actually see me play. I wanted to have my best practice ever and I missed a bunch of layups, chippies, and after practice she pulled me aside, “Melvin, if you’re going to be a professional athlete you can’t miss a layup two feet from the basket. Come on.”

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That’s apparently the clean version of what Pat Summitt told Chasity Melvin. “That lit a fire under my belt,” Melvin said. “It made me become a better player and it had a lasting impact on me and my career.”