Walk the Loop for Clean Water program has ribbon cutting


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Coastal Federation held a ribbon cutting ceremony for one of their new programs, Walk the Loop for Clean Water.

The NC Coastal Federation and the town of Wrightsville Beach are coming together to educate the community about simple things the public can do to protect water quality.

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“We have rain gardens that’ll be demonstrated, pervious pavement, rain barrels, cisterns, rerouting your down spout to a vegetated area, swales next to roads, really simple things that towns and people can do in their backyards, all of which really help to keep that polluted storm water out of our creeks and sounds,” said Tracy Skrabal, the North Carolina Coastal Federation Southeast Regional Manager.

Skrabal said there are a number of storm water reduction methods around the loop at Wrightsville Beach, which provides an opportunity to educate people as they walk the loop.

“The Walk the Loop for Clean Water is really not going to stop today,” Skrabal said. “We’re actually just starting this program, so we’ll have this every Wednesday. We’ll have Walk the Loop for Clean Water Wednesday, and people can come at 10 o’clock to take the walk with us, the guided tour.”

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