Sunset Beach town leaders given 6 months to fix issues with land owners


SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY)–Sunset Beach Mayor Ron Watts said he was asked to resolve the issues with the property owners involved in the de-annexation bill.

Senate Bill 875 was proposed to remove three properties from the town limits. Wednesday, Senate Bill 875 failed in the state House Committee vote.

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Watts said Senator Bill Rabon, sponsor of the bill, told them they have six months to find a resolution or the senator will reintroduce the bill next session.

Watts said they plan to speak with one of the developers next week. And they are in court now with the other remaining developers to resolve ownership claims.

“It’s a two-way street as to whether we can resolve things by January,” said Watts.

Senator Rabon said he plans on reintroducing it in the next session if there is no resolution.

“It’s my opinion the town has been less than fair in its treatment of the land owners wishing to be annexed,” said Rabon. “I worked to pass the bill until time ran out. Having said that I sincerely hope the issues can be resolved.”