Commercial encourages North Carolinians, businesses to move out of state


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new commercial on North Carolina airwaves is encouraging people and businesses to head to New York to live and work. It’s doing that by pointing out current events surrounding equality in the Tar Heel State, specifically House Bill 2.

The commercial shows a number of news headlines that includes one that reads “North Carolina bans local anti-discrimination policies.” The image is accompanied by a narrator saying, “Now, as some in America seem to be forgetting exactly what freedom means.”

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The commercial, brought to you by the State of New York, has several images of people that are different races, orientations, religions and ages.

James Nguyn said he wasn’t surprised by the commercial, because there has been so much attention brought to the state because of HB2.

“It’s been what it’s been,” Ngyun said. “We’ve been through a lot of criticism already.”

Joseph Seate said he thinks New York is looking to capitalize on all that criticism.

“I see the idea behind it. They are trying to pull business out of the state and take it elsewhere,” Seate said.

“I just feel like everybody thinks we are making a lot of mistakes,” Keelee Johns said. “And so we are kind of being seen as that type of state.”

The commercial also references Mississippi and other states that have passed laws similar to HB2.