Duke Energy: Don’t air NC toxicologist’s coal ash testimony


Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – Duke Energy Corp. lawyers want to block sworn testimony by a North Carolina toxicologist who warned last year that neighbors of Duke Energy coal ash pits shouldn’t drink their well water for their own health.

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Duke lawyers on Tuesday asked a federal judge to bar the public release of Kenneth Rudo’s deposition in a lawsuit by environmental groups. Those groups allege pollutants are seeping from coal ash pits into groundwater below Duke Energy’s power plant near Salisbury.

Environmental lawyers want to know why Gov. Pat McCrory’s appointees in March reversed the do-not-drink recommendation. State officials said they got new information and reconsidered the risk presented by heavy metals in the well water.

A Duke Energy spokeswoman says Rudo’s testimony is incomplete and opposing lawyers are trying to manipulate the public.

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