Humpday Health: Taking the first step towards losing weight


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Taking that first step can be hard, especially when your goal is changing your lifestyle. But this week for Humpday Health, we’re introducing you to one woman who has spent the last decade doing just that and today she’s helping other people follow their fitness goals.

“I wasn’t happy with the quality of life. I mean I looked happy, but I wasn’t,” said Kate Mann.

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For Mann the decision to make a lifestyle change was an important one.

“At my heaviest, when I was around 19 or 20, I was almost 200 pounds,” Mann said. “My transformation has been probably over just the past ten years.”

Taking that first step can be the hardest part for anyone looking to make a change. Mann said she started small. She said she took baby steps and started seeing results that motivated her to continue her weight loss journey.

“I kind of hit a point where I had gotten the initial weight off but I wanted to do more. I wanted to get toned and sculpted and that’s when I found strength training,” Mann said.

There are a lot of different names for strength training like weight lifting or body building but Mann said ultimately it’s focusing on muscle growth, definition, getting that nice sculpted and toned look that everyone is looking for.

She said for her it was always about feeling better rather than looking better and she said progress doesn’t happen overnight.

“There were definitely some days when I was on top of the world and then you know what happens, you start your diet out on Monday and the two weeks later you get stuck in that rut and you kind of lose that integrity to yourself, you know holding yourself accountable,” Mann said.

Mann is now a personal trainer and she said she finds motivation from her clients.

“Definitely becoming a personal trainer and starting my small business Coastal Metabolics,” Mann said. “Just to get a pick-me-up or a text or a phone call from one of my clients just telling me that their lives are changing and they’re so much happier and they’re confident, they feel a different pep in their step.”

She said the most important thing is just taking that first step.