$10,000 memorial donation kicks off Pender spay-neuter clinic


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After a year of fundraising, a generous donation jump started a spay and neuter clinic at the Pender County Animal Shelter.

Shelter Director Jewell Horton said they have been trying to raise $30,000 for the last year and it was slow at first. She said only about 20 percent of people comply with getting the animal they adopted spayed or neutered. That is why they wanted to have a clinic right there in the facility.

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One day last spring, Horton said Julie Woodcock came by the shelter to inquire about some animals in her neighborhood. Horton said Woodcock also noticed their fundraising signs for the spay and neuter clinic. A little while later, Horton said Woodcock requested to have a meeting with her and the county about a donation.

Woodcock told Horton that her late sister, Courtney Jones Aman, left her with control over the estate. She said Aman wanted to leave behind donations to support animal welfare. Horton said she had been supporting several organizations.

Woodcock said if the shelter could raise $10,000, she would match it. Horton said with the help of some private businesses and folks in the community, they reached $10,000 before they even had the meeting with the county. Horton said Woodcock wrote the shelter a check at that meeting.

Horton said with that extra boost, the clinic was able to open and they have been spaying and neutering for more than a month.

Horton said the customers seem happier, because they can adopt an animal and have it spayed or neutered before they go home. She also said she hopes down the road they notice a difference in the amount of animals coming in, because of their new effort.

Horton said they are still trying to reach their goal of $30,000 to keep the clinic a float for six to eight months until it can holds its own. She said they are almost at $23,000 now.