Church uses status as Pokemon gym to create community


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It may look like just a church, but Northside Church here in Wilmington is also a Pokemon GO gym and it’s bringing folks together right here in this parking lot to play the popular video game.

Northside’s creative director Joshua Tyndall said when the game came out they began to notice more and more people hanging out in the church’s parking lot. Soon they realized the church was a Pokemon GO gym and they decided to run with it, putting it up on their sign and encouraging folks to hang out and catch ’em all. Tyndall said the game is really a way to create new friendships.

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“You know there may be a church or a youth group, gets a bunch of people together and hey we’re going to get a group out and go to Wrightsville Beach and go search for Pokemon together and people build community that way and they build relationships through that,” said Tyndall.

He said he has seen folks make connections first hand thanks to the virtual pocket monsters and he thinks that a great thing.

Tyndall says Northside loves being a Pokemon gym and they hope the community continues to come out to play the game and he says if folks stick around for a service, well that would be great too.