Edwin McCain performs at Carolina Beach benefit concert


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The music industry looks like a glorious industry, but it sometimes has a dark side for those in the spot light.

According to musician Edwin McCain that dark side comes from the tough life of living on the road.

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“It’s long hours and bad eating and invariably, people in our profession are prone to cardiac failure and it happens a lot,” he said.

That’s why friend, and fellow musician, Dr. Damian Brezinski started the nonprofit Keep the Beat Alive. Thanks to the organization, automatic external defibrillators have been installed in every tour bus in the country.

“I’ve lost friends on the road and witnessed the cardiac failure moment,” McCain said. “If there had been an AED on a bus, there could have been a save.”

That’s one of the reasons McCain performed at Carolina Beach Sunday to raise money for the organization. The event also served as a grand opening celebration for Brezinski’s new medical practice at the beach with hopes to treat and educate local musicians.

“We’re a small, but very very determined group of people and we all have the same vision for what this is going to be,” Brezinski said.

McCain said the organization is making a powerful impact in the music and Cape Fear communities.

“My favorite way to play music is every body wins.”