Humpday Health: Better burgers


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While back to school excitement is just getting started, there are still plenty of weekend left to enjoy some summer cooking outside and that includes of course cooking out.

“So hamburgers are one of those things that they start off good and then they can go bad very quickly,” said health expert Evonne Varady.

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Burgers are a great way to get the family together for dinner on a hot night, but they are also an easy meal to load up with calories and unwanted fats.

A good first step is skipping the restaurant.

“So most of our places that we go out to eat use a low grade of beef which is usually around a 73-27% or like an 80-20%, which that means that it’s 80% of our lean protein and 20% of fat in there,” said Varady.

A four ounce burger of that grade is about 28 grams of fat. But there are things you can do to cut back.

“Choose different proteins,” said Varady.

Proteins like ground turkey, lean ground beef, garden burgers, and even bison meat.

“Most people think it’s going to be a gamey taste but it’s a very lean protein,” Varady said.

Toppings can also pack on calories.

“We can leave off the cheese. No one ever really tastes the cheese anyway so why add another 100 calories and 5 grams of fat for a slice of cheese,” Varady said.

And you can never go wrong with veggies, so load up your burger with greens to add a fresh flavor in the end of summer heat.