Humpday Health: Skin health


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Working out and eating well are both important ways to lead a healthier life, but many folks don’t think of their skin health.

“My philosophy is just to be yourself but just to be your best self,” said Holly Harrison owner of Carter Kayte Boutique. “A healthy lifestyle should also include routine maintenance and the care of one’s skin.”

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She said it is important to have a skin routine before and after hitting the gym.

“A lot of different skin conditions can arise due to being active in the gym such as oiliness, redness, and congestion,” Harrison said.

She said when you sweat, your pores are open and that means things like dirt, oil and left over makeup can get inside causing bumps and breakouts.

“So before you work out, I do recommend cleansing the skin,” Harrison said.

Just a simple makeup removing wipe will do the job. If your workout takes you outdoors, apply some sunscreen, no matter what time of year it is.

“To prevent the spread of bacteria, I do recommend using anti-bacterial wipes to kind of wipe down the surfaces that you’re going to be working out with whether it be machines, or weights, or mats,” said Harrison.

Pat your face with a clean towel to remove sweat and always remember to hydrate.

“A lack of water would mean that you have the inability to ward off breakouts and also your skin would have to work overtime and produce more oils, which would cause more breakouts,” Harrison said.

Once you’re done, Harrison recommends hitting the showers as quickly as possible and if you can’t take a full shower, make sure to cleanse key areas such as the face, chest and back.