Conservative students upset after UNCW teacher washes away political opinions


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — There is little doubt the candidates in the race for president are polarizing for many people.

At UNCW, opinions about Donald trump and Hillary Clinton and how one teacher handled them have some conservative students upset over their free speech rights.

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“It really angers me,” UNCW Republicans Vice President Jessica Ortiz said. “It’s funny how an English professor is promoting censorship, I would never dump water on a pro Hillary chalking or sign or anything”

Last week, across these sidewalks and stairs near Morton Hall at UNCW. Students say there were pro- Donald Trump drawings along with anti- Hillary Clinton ones until English lecturer Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams washed some of them away.

Abrams then, posted on Facebook about what she did firing up some republican students.

“You know there shouldn’t be a left bias thinking on campus. It should be pretty neutral or at least bring both sides. Don’t wash away someone else’s opinion,” Ortiz said.

Not all students agree.

“Um, I feel like she only washed it away to not cause any tension on campus between other students with their political beliefs,” Joseph Moralez said.

When it comes to her Facebook posts.

“That sigh of relief she is taking has been looked at as braggery, and I think she’s just proud of herself and is trying to express how proud she is to be apart of this wonderful institution,” Catherine Parks said.

Abrams sent us this statement defending her actions.

“As a point of clarification, I only erased chalkings with blatantly racist content as those appeared to constitute hate speech and were clearly in violation of the Seahawk Respect Compact. As a consequence, I have been the target of harassing messages, some of which are racially motivated,” Abrams said.

Click here to see the Respect Compact.