Wilmington community leaders react to Charlotte shooting, protests

(Photo: ABC)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — ┬áThe shooting and protests in Charlotte are causing lots of reaction across the state including in Wilmington.

“With the climate of the the country, I think it’s expected,” Peace for the Port President Kevin Spears said.

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Peace for the Port President Kevin Spears said the outrage and protests in Charlotte after another officer involved shooting are not surprising.

“I can understand the frustration,” Spears said. “I can even understand the protests, the peaceful protests.”

Spears said the violence is not understandable. In fact, his group works to stop violence especially among teens and young adults.

“I don’t think anything good is going to come from the looting,” Spears said.

He said there are other ways to bring change.

“There are ways to go about taking action and those actions are to vote,” Spears said. “Those actions are to be vocal. Those actions are to have expectations of being in law enforcement or being a lawyer or being a judge or things like that.”

He said he thinks that’s one of the reasons Wilmington has remained peaceful.

“We’ve created relationships with law enforcement and sometimes they are strained relationships, but I think we have a pretty good understanding that we don’t want that to happen here,” Spears said.

We reached out to the wilmington police department for a comment. A spokeswoman said all they want to say is that their thoughts and prayers are with the Queen City right now.

Meanwhile, Spears said they are going to continue being an active part of our society.

“It works for us and thank God nothing has happened here,” Spears said.