FIRST ON 3: Chadbourn consulting attorney over officer’s Facebook post


CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) — Chadbourn police officer Ricky Soles told WWAY News that he is not a racist, and a controversial post he shared on Facebook was referring to criminals not minorities.

Soles says he was suspended without pay after complaints to city leaders and his police department were  made regarding his post.

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A viewer sent WWAY a screenshot of the Facebook post by Ricky Soles, where the post rants about a minority group.  Which Soles denies.


It reads:

“You are the bad guys now,” Soles said. “You have your hand out for more freebies. You won’t take responsibility for yourself. You have a 74% illegitimacy rate. You are 13% of the population but you commit 65% of the crime.”

In a statement Soles wife told WWAY news, “My husband is not a racist by far. He goes out of the way to help others … I mean, even on his days off he gets calls from victims and everyone else that he sits on the phone for hours with, you know counseling before he goes to trial … For somebody to take this post that he shared that was a poem from a website … I mean, that’s out of context,” says Shana Soles.

Chadbourn town leaders say they are now seeking legal advice over that Facebook post.

Mayor Phillip Britt confirmed there is an officer named Ricky Soles who works for the police department. Britt said the town is aware of the Facebook post. He said at this time, they are seeking advice from the town’s attorney. Britt said they need to figure out whether it is a personnel issue and confirmed that Soles is still working at the police department.

Shana Soles, told WWAY news that he has been with the police department  for 8 years and has worked hard to help fight crime in his community and did not mean to offend anyone with his post.