FIRST ON 3: Chadbourn cop says he was fired over Facebook post


CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) — A Chadbourn police officer says he was fired today over a post on Facebook.

Tonight that fired officer is talking to WWAY about what happened.

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We told you yesterday that there was controversy about the Facebook post by Ofc. Ricky Soles. He told us last night it led to a suspension. Today he said it’s cost him his job.

Many people were offended because they believed the post was a long rant about a minority group, but Soles denies that. He says was it about criminals and not any race.

He says he was supposed to have an appeal hearing tomorrow on his suspension. But today, he says members of the Chadbourn Town Council told the police chief to fire Soles or be fired himself. At least one of the council members Soles named said he did no such thing.

Despite what happened, Soles says he does not regret the post.

“I feel that I am entitled to my opinion. Like I said, my opinion is not racist. There’s not a racist bone in my body, and I keep reiterating that, because that’s what the big stink is about,” Soles said. “No, ma’am, I do not. I do not regret having an opinion.”

Town leaders were tight-lipped when we called earlier today about the situation. This evening, Chadbourn’s mayor said all he knew was that he was told Soles no longer works for the police department.

Soles says he has faced online threats over the post. He also says his colleagues were called out to a report of a fight last night, and when they arrived, the first question they were asked was if they were Soles.

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