EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Polly gets a Sanctuary


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Parrots are beautiful birds and a lot of people have them as pets. Unfortunately, a lot of times they don’t make the best pets. Enter our Extraordinary person of the Week.
He makes sure Polly gets a sanctuary.

It’s a place where color returns after their life turned black and white. “Where are they coming from?” “All over the country,” Ces Erdman replied.

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They are beautiful birds surrendered by their owners. “We turn down about two a week,” Erdman said.

Turn them down because there just isn’t enough room at the Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary to keep up with the number of birds no longer wanted.

“We take in parrots that people no longer care for,” Erdman said, “whatever the reason may be, and put them outside so more like a bird again.”

Ces Erdman has about 140 parrots at the sanctuary he created, tucked away in an undisclosed location.

Some have quite the personality. “What are you doing?” a bird ask Daniel Seamans. “I’m taking a picture of you. Pretty bird!,” said Daniel. “Hello!” the bird replied. “Well hello to you,too” said Daniel.

But for some reason or another, they didn’t turn out like the owners thought they would.

“Most parrots last two years in a home because generally they are not good pets,” Erdman explained. “People think they talk, they’re pretty, reality is they may not talk, they usually are going to scream, they’re not going to like your husband, their kid, the dog, not a lot of people like that kind of pet.”

Erdman’s experience as a kid led to the idea of creating an outdoor home of second chances.

“I had parrots growing up, my parents had parrots, I had my first cockatiel when I was 3 years old, he went everywhere with me.”

Now grown, he is saving these beautiful birds. Some of them he says live in to their 60’s.

Ces Erdman, you found a way to help our feathered friends live out their life in the Cape Fear, and that makes you, Extraordinary.

The CFPS has a wish list that includes:

  • Picnic Tables
  • Swing set for kids
  • Free standing swing/hammock
  • Treated Lumber (ask about length/size)
  • Untreated Wood (used to make parrot chew toys)
  • Trees (minimum 12 feet)=  Maple, Bradford Pear, Crepe Myrtle, Cherry Blossom
  • Gift cards to “Home Depot” or “Lowes Home Improvement”
  • Crepe Myrtle Branches (used for parrot perches)

If you’d like more information on the Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary and how you can help, click here.