ONLY ON 3: Southport women open first ‘Support the Girls’ chapter in NC


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Two women in Southport are trying to make a big difference for women and girls in the Cape Fear.

They just opened the first ever “Support the Girls” chapter in North Carolina.

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“They are something we don’t talk about, and they are hidden,” Marmaras said.

Liz Marmaras is talking about bras.

“We don’t think that there are women out there that are in need that don’t have bras to wear,” Marmaras said.

Marmaras said she heard about that need from an organization called ‘Support the Girls.’

“And I thought, well, I’ll just see if I can find a local chapter here in southeast North Carolina,” Marmaras said. “There wasn’t any.”

She took the idea to her co-worker Monica Savidge.

“I was really excited,” Savidge said.

As an attorney and a medical paralegal, it is a cause that hits very close to home for both of them.

“We had a client, who the day before her hearing, got kicked out of her house, had nothing to wear to the hearing next day,” Savidge said.

She said Marmaras did not even think twice before trying to help.

“Ran to Wal-mart to get her some underwear and to a thrift store to get her a pair of pants and a sweater,” Savidge said.

Marmaras said for women who may be victims of domestic violence, homelessness or are financially challenged, some feminine necessities come down to a choice.

“A hot meal or a box of tampons,” Marmaras said.

That is why neither of them thought twice before trying to start a local ‘Support the Girls’ chapter.

“Within 24 hours, I was up and running,” Marmaras said. “Within 48 hours, I had seven agencies who said, ‘Yes. We will take donations.'”

Salon 4128 in Southport immediately agreed to become a permanent drop-off location for donations. It is a donation many people would never think about, but it is something they say every woman deserves.

“This comes down to giving women dignity,” Marmaras said. “Every woman and every girl deserves dignity.”

Their first bra drive is this Saturday at the salon on Vanessa Drive in Southport from 12-3 p.m. Marmaras said they are also looking for businesses to be permanent drop-off locations in Brunswick and New Hanover Counties.

You can reach the local chapter at or click here to see their Facebook page.