Arguments erupt at Chadbourn Town Council meeting


CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) — Emotions ran high at tonight’s Chadbourn Town Council meeting. Some people were outraged over the handling of a local police officer’s firing after a controversial Facebook post, others were upset over how the town handled the situation and there were some there at the meeting to show support for town leaders after rumors flew this afternoon concerning the police department.

“A group of citizens are concerned that they may want to dismantle the police department in Chadbourn,” said Lisa Blake.

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While town leaders met behind closed doors, members of the community packed into the town’s council chambers worried about a rumor running rampant.

“There has been rumblings of doing that and having the sheriff in this town,” Blake said.

No matter the validity of the claims about the police department, many were riled up and anxious to have their voices heard.

“Real estate market is not hot in Chadbourn. So if you’ve got to decrease services and there’s a way and there are some options to go about saving the town some money, you have to go through those options,” Shalon Smith said.

Mayor Phillip Britt said those claims are just rumors as far as he is concerned. He said tonight was about a closed session meeting called by the police chief and a member of council to discuss a personnel matter. Some tonight believed that personnel matter to be about Ricky Soles, an officer who was let go Tuesday after a post made on Facebook was seen as racist. 

After spending well over an hour in closed session, council returned to the chambers and abruptly adjourned.