Sheriff responds to ‘swatting’ incident in Brunswick County


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — In a Facebook post today, Sheriff John Ingram said the hoax call reported in Brunswick County last night caused the sheriff’s office and other agencies, as well as EMS throughout the area to stage and deploy numerous resources.

This is also not the first time a hoax emergency call like this has been made in Brunswick County. A similar call was placed near Leland on October 29, 2015, exactly 11 months to the day before last night’s incident.

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A sheriff’s office spokeswoman said last night was an incident of “swatting,” which is when someone makes a fake call to try and get police and other emergency responders to go to someone else’s home.

Sheriff Ingram said he is grateful that everyone is safe, including first responders. Ingram’s Facebook post read in part.
“It is extremely important to me that our community understands if this incident, or any other incident which occurs in our county, had posed any danger or threat, we would take any and every action necessary to maintain their safety.”

So just how serious is swatting? A Lousiana teenager was the first person charged in a swatting case and he was found guilty of two counts of domestic terrorism and sentences to 25 years in federal prison.