Pender County Animal Shelter helping rescue livestock


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Pender County continues to deal with severe flooding prompting evacuations but not everyone was able to get their animals out safely.

From cats, dogs, goats, and pigs to horses and donkeys, saving animals during this flood is a major concern for crews. But finding a place to put them can be even harder.

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Fortunately the Pender County Animal Shelter has enough space to accommodate animals of all sizes. Aside from several dogs, right now they have six goats, six donkeys, two horses, and six pigs. All of the animals will stay at the shelter until the flood waters go down to ensure their safety and help workers kept tabs on them.

It has been an intense week for people across the county but the community has stepped up to help the shelter.

“It’s a little crazy here right now, but I mean we’re getting through it,” says Tabbatha Boyett with Pender County Animal Shelter.

Boyett also says, “We’ve had a lot of help from the community. They’ve brought us hay, they’ve brought us horse food, goat food, pig food.”

Aside from food, the shelter says they need more towels and blankets for the animals to lay on. If your pet is lost call Code3 Animal Rescue at 910-259-1210.