NHC Commissioner responds after controversial post


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —  Many turn to social media to voice their opinions. That’s what one New Hanover County Commissioner did, but now he’s under fire after what he said.

Commissioner Skip Watkins post on Facebook was first published on October 9 on his private page, but at Monday’s Board of Commissioners meeting, it came to light.

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He states in the post that Mr. Trump was not his first choice and doesn’t agree with everything he says, but does support the republican ideology. The post then refers to the comments that Trump called “locker room” talk, which came from an audio recording of Trump from 2005 that recently surfaced.

“This election cycle is so polarized that each side from this opposition totally distasteful,” Watkins said. “My comments were solely at those supporters who are wavering.”

Resident Anne Russell says this post is unacceptable and said she had to do something. She brought up the post and voiced her opinions during Monday’s meeting.

“I believe when people are silence in the face of wrong doing, you are a part of the wrong doing,” Russell said. “You insulted me as a woman, my four daughters, and my five grand daughters. You also insulted my gay friends and family members.”

Watkins says his intentions were not to insult anybody.

“I have friends of various races, sexual preferences, I don’t care, I love everybody. But I was totally directing at the wavering Trump supporters and with no intent of insulting anyone.

Watkins says if he could go back, he would have left the last line out of the post.