Wilmington City Council holds hearing about potential Municipal Service District


DOWNTOWN WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington City Council met Tuesday night to go over various items of interests. One hot button issue, a potential Municipal Service District in downtown Wilmington.

The possibility of a MSD in downtown has a lot of people heated, some say it just is not fair while others say it will be good for the area.

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The reason a lot of people are upset is because the people within the selected district would have to pay the additional taxes to fund the MSD. The WDI proposed a tax of seven cents per 100 property valuation which would generate an estimated $276,000 a year for the downtown district.

And while many say they do not want to pay additional taxes, some say it will benefit the area in several ways.

Resident Carl Marshburn says “I oppose the way it was presented. Looking at the budget, looking at the information that I was given to read, I just can’t support it like it is.”

Interim President of Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, Dick Blouse thinks the opposite.

“We think it give the community an opportunity to really provide additional resources for security, beautification, cleanliness, and we think those things are very very important,” Blouse said.

Tuesday night several people opposed the motion for a MSD but just as many people supported the motion to bring it downtown keeping the hearing open until next month.

The Wilmington City Council will have a second reading on this item November 15th.