Bill Clinton rallies for Hillary in Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Former President Bill Clinton was in Wilmington this morning for a campaign rally for his wife, Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

A campaign spokeswoman said an estimated 1,600 people turned out for the event on the campus of Cape Fear Community College.

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Mr. Clinton spoke for about 45 minutes about why his wife is the best choice to be president. He said America is the nation in the world best positioned for the future, and it needs the right leader to keep it on the right path.

An eager crowd welcomed former President Bill Clinton. Within minutes, a heckler in the crowd also took an eager jab at Mr. Clinton saying some people are stealing money from the taxpayers. Clinton spoke right back to him.

“Well, you don’t have to worry, because your candidate doesn’t pay taxes,” Clinton said.

As soon as the crowd started booing, Mr. Clinton stopped them.

“Give him a hand,” Clinton said. “No, don’t boo. Don’t behave like them. What did the President say the other day? Don’t boo. Vote.”

After the protester was kicked out by security, the former president started on his wife’s plans to help the US economy. First, he said Hillary wants to create more jobs to raise income.

“A plan that includes a major national investment in infrastructure, because when you put that down, all those jobs are made in America and they all pay well,” Clinton said.

That plan also includes manufacturing.

“To bring manufacturing back to America,” Clinton said.

Another big topic in the plan is higher education.

“How many of you know somebody with college debt?” Clinton asked the crowd.

Mr. Clinton said Hillary plans to make it easier to re-finance student loans.

“A college debt is the only loan that you cannot refinance when interest rates go down,” Clinton said.

President Clinton also talked about Hurricane Matthew. He said it is something to factor into your vote during this election.

“Believe it or not, even things like emergency help for people after natural disasters may be on the line here,” Clinton said. “And one thing you won’t have to worry about with Hillary as president, it’s somebody that’ll have your back when you’re in need and you need to start again.”

He did not forget to mention today is Hillary’s birthday at the end of his speech.

“Happy Birthday!” a supporter said.

“Bill is out doing what his wife asked him to do and that’s a very smart man,” a supporter said.

Finally, the former president left the crowd with a simple one liner.

“If you don’t want somebody to drive the truck off the cliff, don’t give them the keys,” Clinton said.

It was a visit that left a mark on many.

“I think he did a great job,” Tommy Jones said. “I think that things that the other candidate isn’t offering, I see that Hillary is offering and she actually has plans.”

President Clinton’s visit is part of a statewide bus tour to encourage early voting. Mr. Clinton, who WWAY learned spent last night in Wilmington, campaigned for his wife in Whiteville in 2008 during her primary battle with Barack Obama. He also visited Whiteville as president in 2000.