Aquarium at Fort Fisher holds pumpkin carving under the sea event


FORT FISHER, NC (WWAY) — Halloween is right around the corner and everyone is getting into that spooky spirit, including at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Spectators gathered around the large tank full of rays, sharks and other fish as divers dove on in and did a little pumpkin carving.

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This was the aquarium’s first ever pumpkin carving underwater show, which is part of their bigger Halloween event called Trick or Treat Under the Sea.

The divers weren’t just carving creepy creations while surrounded by fish for fun; it was a way to promote their green Halloween campaign just in time for Monday night.

“It’s part of our mission to make sure we always include the environment and ocean friendly activities here at the Aquarium.” Aquarium Educator Andy Gould said.

The finished products were pretty good considering they were done by divers in scuba gear at the bottom of shark filled tank.

However, the Halloween fun at the aquarium is not over.

If you missed out on the pumpkin carving, have no fear. You can catch more scary fun at the aquarium by going to the Trick-or-Treat Under the Sea event that’s continuing at 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday