Families learn story of hope at Compassion Experience


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This weekend in Wilmington, you can see what life is like in the Dominican Republic and the Philippines without even stepping foot on a plane.
When families arrived at the Compassion Experience tent at Lifepoint church, they stepped into a new world.
People listened to the story of Kiwi and Jonathan to see what life is like in their shoes.
“I have a step-mom who’s from the Philippines and I had no idea that this is part of where she’s from.” Kaelee Rowan said.
As you went room to room you saw and heard the story of how much these children had to struggle growing up.
From cramped living spaces, to meager food, you couldn’t help but feel for the children involved.
It gave those who walked through a better perspective on how life could be.
“It was sad because she had so much struggle and hardness in her life,” Amelia Del Salvio said. “It really makes me appreciate the things I have more.”
Learning to appreciate what we have here in America is just part of the lesson that the Compassion Experience hopes to teach.
The other lesson?
“That there’s always hope. When you know Jesus there’s always hope, even if you’re living in extreme conditions.”
Each story ends with how the two children’s lives were changed thanks to their sponsors, showing that with hope and the help of others, anything is possible.

The exhibit will be open 10am to 5:40pm Saturday and Sunday and 11am to 6:40pm on Monday.
If you’d like to learn more about the Compassion Experience and how you can help children like Jonathan and Kiwi, click here for more information.

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